Small list of things I want to check on Outbreak -

((This will be edited as time goes on. It will have explanations why.))


  • What happens if you use Gameshark to have all the same characters at once? [You can’t normally select multiples of the same character / character type in File 1.]
  • What happens if you do this during a multi-character cutscene?
  • What happens if you do this during the hive’s boat cutscene? [Will they all be in the same position, or will there be four differently positioned characters?]
  • Does the pointing glitch work? [Technically, if the glitch worked, you could do the pointing glitch to survive Below Freezing Point and Decisions, Decisions, but good fucking luck to you if you want to attempt it. You’d have to get the AI to cooperate with killing the stage bosses and also be at 100% infected WITHOUT GETTING HIT.]
  • [This is a pain in the ass on DD because of the boss’s ability to jump anywhere on the map and knock you down, and hard on BFP because of the mini-bosses which latch onto you and attack you.]


  • Probably impossible, because there’s no progress on a File 1 server, but if so, check if the pointing glitch works. [It’s easier to check this online, and the glitch originally was found on File 2 online play.]
  • Does the pointing glitch work on the Outbreak Scenario? [The glitch is impossible on The Hive and Hellfire because you need to walk to another room to get to the ending cutscene, but it could be possible on the Outbreak scenario.  If you had your friends collect the pieces to the detonator and detonate it, or wait in the truck at 100% infected, it could possibly work?]


  • What happens if you do the pointing glitch at the end of Underbelly? [The pointing glitch is basically a glitch in the system which allows you to stay ‘alive’ after 100% virus infection. In File 2, Underbelly is the only stage in which you can stay in the end-of-scenario map and be unharmed. Will you still count as alive if you are at 100%?]


  • What happens if you do the pointing glitch at the end of EotR and DD? [This is similar to the one above, but much harder to figure out. I don’t know if the glitch allows you to stay alive after death offline, but if it does, it’s best to try EotR as Jim, and DD as any character with AI partners (probably on a low difficulty). 
  • [With EotR, take the helicopter ending, play dead to 98-99%, and then just point until his virus meter goes to 100. If done right, the timer should go off after you hit 100%, and you can see what happens fromm there.]
  • [With DD, just make sure you have infinity mode on, really good weapons, and give all your supplies to your AI partners. This would be very hard to get, due to the AI’s lack of knowledge of cooperation, but if it works, they’d kill the amount of enemies which you’d need to kill, and you’d be pointing for the entire time after you hit 100%, until the ending cutscene plays.]
  • [Minor note - Wild things and Flashback are impossible to finish the stage with the pointing glitch because you need to walk after defeating the final boss to get the ending cutscenes.]

I will laugh if you can’t finish the stages at 100% because then it’d get rid of almost this entire list.


Why I shouldn’t be allowed a gameshark:

So, I think I just laughed for 5 minutes straight
because of the AI behavior when they are all the same character.


Now, that may seem obvious, but what I mean is, they walk in the same steps. They go after the same items. They all run to or away from you if you talk to them. If they weren’t separated by a few milliseconds and the inability to pass through one another, I’m pretty sure they would all be doing the same thing.



Also I spent another ten because I decided to play the entire game with all Alyssas.

I can see why they muted the ad-libs in the second game xD

Live streaming in 28 minutes.

If anyone wants to watch, the choice of games are:

  • .Hack//Infection
  • .Hack//G.U. Vol 1
  • Resident Evil Outbreak
  • Resident Evil Outbreak File #2
  • Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain
  • A random movie

(Tumblr isn’t allowing answers for some odd reason.)
What should I stream?

This is me being really excited about Outbreak.
Again, I can’t say much, but something good happened today.

Now, out of all the games I’ve played of outbreak, this has to be my favorite boss battle. (This was filmed online, a four player, very hard mode game.)

In this video, I’m Cindy (The blonde girl, the only girl).
For those who haven’t played Outbreak: Cindy is practically the healer,
George is also a healer, but not as good as Cindy imho,
Cindy can store heals in her herb box, so it looks like she has hidden heals,
and every time a player is knocked on the ground, that means they’re close to dying.

In fact, if their virus meter hits 100%, they do die. 

Just… watch how tense the battle gets, and count the number of times a player is picked up off the ground. Also note that the battle still isn’t finished when the boss is dead, we still have to hobble to the exit!



Self-reblogging this because Outbreak.



Self-reblogging this because Outbreak.

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